Optical Printing

Optical Printing Workshop

Starting, August 31
Three Consecutive Saturdays (8/31, 9/7, 9/14) 2pm-5pm

The optical printing class is a hands-on, three session class that teaches you the basic operation of the J-K printer and gives you enough information about filtration, exposure and effects to allow you to begin to do your own printing. The J-K modules make it possible to make 16mm copies from regular 8, super 8, 16mm, or slides.

Class Schedule

Week 1: The first session is divided in two parts. The first part is an initial description of the printer’s functions, information about film stocks, color correction filters, labs, the handout, etc. During the second half we are in the optical printing room. The printer is described in minute detail from setup through printing.

Week 2: Students are asked to bring in a sample of film which they’d like to print. Each student has the opportunity to load up the printer and shoot a trial run of about 5 feet of film, creating whatever effects, speed changes, etc., they might like to see.

Week 3 :In the third session, we look at and analyze the footage shot by the students. If anyone has questions about the printer, we go back to the optical printing room and go over the functions. There is usually a lot of time in this session, so people can bring whatever questions they might have.

Please email about signing up: noekidder@gmail.com

image courtesy of Kelly Spivey


Kelly Spivey is an experimental filmmaker and animator whose work has shown nationally and internationally at festivals and venues such as Anthology Film Archives, SpliceThis!; Madcat Experimental Women’s Film Festival; San Francisco International Lesbian Film Festival; Rutger’s Super8/8mm Film and Digital Video Festival, Hallwalls (Buffalo NY), and on ReelNY, PBS. She has received funding for her films from NYSCA, NYFA, and the Queens Council for the Arts. She’s also grateful to work with many filmmakers editing video and sound at MercerMedia in NYC.

image courtesy of Kelly Spivey

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