FinalCut Pro


This hands-on workshop will introduce students to digital video editing with Final Cut Pro. Students will get an overview of the program’s user interface and will learn all the basic editing functions needed to take a short project from start to finish.


Setting up a project; adjusting and customizing settings; capturing audio and video; creating a sequence; editing and trimming techniques including ripple, roll, slip, and slide; audio editing; titling and other finishing techniques; and final output.

During this course students will be able to jump right in and begin working with the program to edit either their own project or complete a fun assignment that will introduce some creative ways of thinking about the post-production process. Students will have the opportunity to use the Millennium’s Final Cut Pro editing station in their own time to work on their projects. A portable 7200-RPM Firewire drive with at least 20 gigabytes of available storage space is required for this course.


Jordan Stone

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