Take a Turn for Millennium

The next few months are crucial to Millennium’s survival.
Millennium is now positioned with much lower operating costs, but until we win grants, we must…
– Earn some income through periodic Millennium50 benefit workshops
– Raise funds through crowdsource and donation campaigns to restore and acquire equipment for workshops and rentals
– Pursue ongoing fundraising to build a strategic financial reserve

“Take a Turn” for Millennium.  
Millennium’s survival will require some volunteer effort by members and friends. We know that your time is precious -it’s all you have. If you can “take a turn” -commit to a few hours a week, for a limited number of months -we will seek another volunteer to take a turn when you’re done. Your gift of time will make an enormous difference.

How to volunteer.
Use the VOLUNTEER FORM at the bottom to volunteer for a role listed below …or to offer another way to help.

This is help that Millennium needs…

Social Media Editor
Assure that screening and workshop announcements and media are posted in timely manner.  Develop and broaden millennium’s presence in social media.

Website Editor
Manage and develop Millennium’s website with articles, video, and photo galleries. The platform can be either WordPress or Squarespace.

Mailchimp Designer
Use easy Mailchimp online tools to design “eFlies” for screenings and other announcements.

Membership Secretary
Periodically update information in our Filemaker database. We’ll teach you how. Survey members to find out how we can better meet their needs. Advocate for members with our board.

Finance Secretary
Once a week enter financial transactions into our Quickbooks account, and periodically generate reports.  We’ll teach you Quickbooks basics.

We need someone to assess and organize historic photos, publicity materials, program notes, and other documents.

Digitize 40 Years of Membership Cards
If you are interested in the history of experimental cinema, you would be surprised who has been a Millennium member. We are looking for someone to scan hundreds of old membership cards with character recognition software. This information will then be added to our database.

KickStarter/IndieGoGo Equipment Campaigns
Renewing nd acquiring equipment is crucial to Millennium’s survival. If you have produced an IndieGoGo or Kickstarter campaign, consider producing an equipment campaign for Millennium. Rewards could include degrees of equipment access.  Proposed campaigns include:
• Film > Digital transfer station
• Large sensor cinema camera kit
• JK Optical Printer upgrade
• 3D digital cameras
• 16mm camera kits
• modern tripods

Equipment Donation Drive
Organize a “wishlist” donation drive.  Ask members and friends to make tax-deductible donations of needed equipment, such as computers, monitors, digital projectors, sd and hd cameras, DSLRs, modern tripods.

Vintage Equipment Sale Assistant
Help us run our upcoming Vintage Equipment Sale. Publicity, eBay postings, pricing, online gallery, setup/breakdown, are all ways you can help.

Equipment Assessment or Equipment Repair
If you know film equipment, you can be of great help by managing assessment or repair of our older equipment.

Work with some Millennium board members to plan fundraising events and campaigns.

MILLENNIUM NEEDS PROGRAM MANAGERS!  Right now highly committed volunteers are managing two of Millennium’s programs -Screenings (Tom Jarmusch, Interim Programming Director) -and the Millennium Film Journal (Grahame Weinbren, Senior Editor; Matt Lederman, Managing Editor). These people volunteer 4-6 hours a week. Millennium urgently needs volunteer managers for two other programs:

Workshops Director
Manage staffing and planning of upcoming Millennium50 benefit workshops.

Equipment Manager
Oversee acquisition and renewal of Millennium’s equipment.  Plan restart of our Equipment Access services.




Volunteer Form

Use this form to volunteer for a role -or to send us a message telling us another way you can help.  When you’re done, click SUBMIT at the bottom.