Personal Cinema Screenings

For nearly 50 years, Millennium has presented a who’s who of experimental and non-commercial film and video artists, as well as a home for local filmmakers to present new work.  We have recently shown the work of such major artists as Nicolas Rey, George Kuchar, Omer Fast, Peter Hutton, Jennifer Reeves, Taka Iimura, George Kuchar, Ken Jacobs, Barbara Hammer, Saul Levine, Malcolm Le Grice, Jerry Tartaglia -and an ongoing stream of emerging artists: Ian Curry, Nicholas Rey, Kelly Spivey, Barbara Lattanzi, Michael Bucuzzo…

During 2014-15, Millennium is pioneering a policy of Open Programming.  We invite cinema scholars, makers, and shakers, to propose screenings, series, or events.  Our Fall, Winter, and Spring Screening Calendars are assembled from your proposals.  Our screenings present viewpoints – not a viewpoint.

Above all, Millennium exists for filmmakers.  Our screenings have long provided a forum for filmmakers to present and discuss their work in self-curated programs.  Ticket sales from personal appearance screenings go completely to the exhibiting artist.  We are a “member-based” non-profit; our destiny in the hands of those committed to the development of artist’s cinema.  Millennium is a Cinema Village; its screenings a “means of contacting others of like creative interest”.

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