Jennifer Reeves: Landfill 16. Excerpt from 9 minute film, 16mm, 2011.
Exhumed film from my very own landfill in Elkhart, Indiana constitute the canvas of my hand-painted LANDFILL 16. After finishing my double-projection WHEN IT WAS BLUE I was horrified by the bulk of outtakes that would normally go to a landfill. So I temporarily buried then painted the film to transform it. Within this colorful, pulsating, abstract “moving painting” I attempt to express my dread of man-made waste that endangers land and wildlife. This “recycling” is a meditation on the demise of the beautiful 16mm medium and nature’s losing battle to decompose relics of our abandoned technologies. For the soundtrack, I combined recognizable sounds, from bulldozers to nature audio, with more abstracted textural and rhythmic sounds I created using audio from consumer-goods-creating factories, old 16mm equipment, the cries of a dying bird stuck in my wall, and other oddities.

Ken Jacobs: Celestial Subway Lines/Salvaging Noise. Documentation of Magic Lantern performance.
4min excerpt, Sound, 2004.
The the nervous magic langern is a late optical invention, technically possible long before film or even photography, for projection of images that move through impossible changes in a vast illusionary depth, visible to even a single eye. Music: John Zorn (& Ikue Mori).

Joey Huertas: Nice People (excerpt). 16mm, Sound, 2012.
An excerpt clip from Joey Huertas’ film, NICE PEOPLE, courtesy of Anthology Film Archives. ©2012.
Film explores a young dancer battling the distorted way that she views her body type. She suffers from body dysmorphic disorder (different than anorexia and/or bulimia).

Stephanie Wuertz: Serpentine (excerpt).  27min, 16mm, Sound, 2012-2014.
Serpentine, an intensely worked optical printing extravaganza inspired by modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller. The body is made and unmade, lost and found, as early cinema reverts to phantasmagoria.



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Millennium Film Journal issues 59 and 60.

Millennium Film Journal issues 59 and 60





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