Low Cost Equipment Rental & Access

Facility Hours: Equipment may be checked out, or used on site…
Wednesday, Thursday: 6-8pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Millennium Membership: $20 for 6 months; $30 for a year. Members can rent equipment off-site and their rental of on-site equipment is discounted. Admission to Millennium screenings and workshops is discounted as well. For further information and to join via PayPal see “Membership & Support”.
Special On-site Equipment: $5/hr members, $7/hr non-members, $10/hr with assistance. Allows access to:
• 6 plate Steenbeck Editing Console; variety of editing equipment and supplies on hand.
• J-K 16mm/S8 Optical Printer: available for qualified individuals with film loading darkroom and necessary supplies; capable of 16mm to 16mm, S8mm to 16mm and R8mm to 16mm master prints.
• Mini-Contact Printer: Easy to use mini-contact printer.
• 16mm Oxberry Animation Stand: for titling, animation, and rotoscoping.
Off-Site Equipment for Members:
$5-10/day, Long term rates for selected items.
Millennium members may rent a variety of production equipment at low cost: Bolex 16mm cameras and lenses, Eclair NPR 16mm camera, Nizo S8mm camera, Panasonic Mini-DV camcorder, Miller tripods, Lowell Light kits, Nagra III audio recorder, Eiki 16mm projectors, 35mm slide and filmstrip projectors. Coming soon: large sensor super16 and 2k digital cameras, flash memory audio recorders.