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Millennium Film Workshop invites members to present their work in a MFW Members Show, to be screened through New Filmmakers at Anthology Film Archives in November 2015. The show will be curated by Lili White, on the basis of online review movies. You may enter up to three movies for consideration.

ONLINE ENTRY FORM. For each movie complete the Entry Form on this website page, then click Submit at the bottom. The form will refresh and you can complete and submit the form for another movie.

ENTRY DEADLINE. Entry Form(s) must be submitted by Noon on Tuesday September 8.

If one or more of your movies are selected we will contact you to arrange delivery of presentation media (DVD, Bluray, or film).

Please note that you need to be a current Millennium member to participate. We encourage you to share your work, and support Millennium, by joining or renewing online at: www.millenniumfilm.org/membershipandsupport. Millennium membership is $30 for a year and entitles you to low cost equipment access and discounted workshop fees. Further levels of support are rewarded with packages that include free subscriptions to our beautiful and thought provoking Millennium Film Journal. For your convenience a list of current and recent members, with membership expiration dates, may be found at:  www.millenniumfilm.org/memberlist

Please direct questions about the Members Show tolili@millenniumfilm.org


For each movie complete this form, then click Submit at the bottom.