Weds 10/14 at 7:30: Movies by Jacob Burckhardt

Burckhardt Millenni#107E938_800w


“A series of short poetic documentaries shot by Jacob Burckhardt in various places around the world between 2000 and this year. Some in black and white film, some in color video, some in-between. Impressions of a curious pedestrian. Sky light, dancing, night. Italy, New York, Estonia, Japan, New Jersey and more.” -JB


“Windmill For Polly”  (1976, 7 minutes, 16mm) with music by Mohan Samant.

“Esti”  (2001, 10 minutes, 16mm, silent)

“Japan 02, or Where The F@#k is Fuji” (2004-14, 11 minutes, 16mm transferred to digital) an homage to Fuji, by Robert Breer, with Music by Enomoto Kenichi.

“Shadow and Space”  (2007, 5 minutes, 8mm transferred to digital) Music: “Arte Poetica” by Ken Sackheim.

“Wet Williamsville”  (2013, 9 minutes, digital) with music by Project Zlust.

“Some Graffitti”  (2014, 6 minutes, digital)

“Palermo” (2015, 29 minutes, digital) Original music: “Horror Vacui” by Domenico Sciajno. WORLD PREMIERE


Over the years Jacob Burckhardt has worked a variety of jobs: blueberry picker, steel mill laborer, Fuller Brush man, truck driver, taxi driver, camera repairman and photographer. He has done sound recording, edited and mixed the sound of many independent movies and teaches at the Cooper Union and the Pratt Institute.

His films include two features: IT DON’T PAY TO BE AN HONEST CITIZEN (1984) with William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Vincent D’Onofrio, and LANDLORD BLUES (1986); four featurettes in the series “Black Moments In Great History” (a collaboration with Royston Scott and Gerard Little AKA Mr. Fashion); A GUIDED TOUR OF EDITH’S APARTMENT, a “talking head” documentary about the 90-year-old artist. His movies fall into two categories: comedies and poetic documentaries concerned with texture, atmosphere and presence.

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