Thurs 9/17: Vague Terrain at Spectacle


A diverse group of filmmakers comes together to examine the  familiar and ambiguous –   to revisit  places, persons, situations or ideas in an effort to find that small part of an experience that escapes logic, system, and the quantifiable. By looking at what is weird, and unstable, these films seek to generate illusory narratives, unsettling landscapes, and strange interiors.  This screening, as all regular Millennium screenings this Fall, will be hosted by Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Spectacle is located at 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York, between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street (map and directions). Subway: Bedford Avenue stop on the “L” line.  Admission $5.


Angela Ferraiolo
Los Angeles II (2013)
Glass Elevator (2015)

Noe Kidder
Paradise (2010)
Paradise of Children (2015)

Kevin Jarvis
Alexia (2015)
Intellectual Design (2015)

Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert
Dubai/Abu Dhabi Desert (2015)
Qatar Cowboy Scene (2015)

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