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The next few months are crucial to Millennium’s survival.
Millennium is now positioned with much lower operating costs, but until we win grants, we must…
– Earn some income through periodic Millennium50 benefit workshops
– Raise funds through crowdsource and donation campaigns to restore and acquire equipment for workshops and rentals
– Pursue ongoing fundraising to build a strategic financial reserve

“Take a Turn” for Millennium.  
Millennium’s survival will require some volunteer effort by members and friends. We know that your time is precious -it’s all you have. If you can “take a turn” -commit to a few hours a week, for a limited number of months -we will seek another volunteer to take a turn when you’re done. Your gift of time will make an enormous difference.

How to volunteer.
Go to the Volunteer Page to see a list of volunteer roles that Millennium needs filled.  Use the Volunteer form on that page to volunteer for a role …or to offer another way to help.

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