Tonight at 7:30: Lili White


THURSDAY MAY 21 AT 7:30 Millennium presents filmmaker Lili White who will screen and discuss her feature length film FOOLS GOLD: CALIFORNIA ROADTRIP IN AN ELECTION YEAR.

From the Program Notes:

The American West:  Where the good life includes sustainable income, development of land use, the rise of a town, and the horror of its crash and burn.

Preserving History:  The longtime residents of Trona, California, relate stories of past, present, and what the future might hold.

“A sign on the edge of a desert town narrated its history. Upon reading it, other stories
flashed through my mind: the mythic story of CAIN AND ABEL, McTEAGUE (the American novel) and its cinematic counterpart GREED (directed by Eric Von Stroheim); and the presence of ZOMBIES who symbolize the wasteful consumer(ism) of human life; who can only be killed by disabling their brain. Color; sound; TRT: 78 minutes.”

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