Optical Printing workshop starts April 25

Optical printing is the “hands on” craft of cinema effects re-photography.  It is an excellent orientation to the visual qualities of 16mm film.  Participants will learn the use and creative implications of the JK optical printer, as well as exposure manipulation, superimposition, film stcks, and color control.  This workshop qualifies participants to rent time on Millennium’s oprical printer.  The teacher, Kelly Spivey, is a  filmmaker, editor, artist, and teaches at Hunter College. (See an excerpt from her film MAKE THEM JUMP below. The workshop will run through three Saturdays 3-6pm: 4/25, 5/2, 5/9 (nine hours).  Member rate is $195; film & processing included.  Class size is limited to six.  Registration is through this website, at Workshops.

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