Films by Tessa Hughes-Freeland
July 17th @ Brooklyn Fireproof


Gift, 2010

Millennium is pleased to welcome filmmaker and writer Tessa Hughes-Freeland to present a program of her work. Tessa is considered a part of “The Cinema of Transgression”, due to the extreme approach and subject matter of her films, which have screened internationally in museums, galleries and seedy bars, including MOMA, MOCA, The Whitney, The New Museum, and KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin).
Her work is the focus of chapters in Deathtripping: The Cinema of Transgression and Women of The Underground:Art:Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves.

“ My film-making is essentially experimental. I utilize different formats and often incorporate found footage and re-photography. I consider spontaneity and chance occurrence of equal importance to precision and planning. I change my mind constantly during the process. I am interested in extreme aspects of human nature and more, often than not, portray the less appealing traits through strong and intense imagery. I also play with visual clichés through which I hope to express a degree of irony and humour.”

Tessa Hughes-Freeland

The program will include:
Baby Doll 1982, 3 mins
Hippie Home Movie 2013 , 2 mins
Joker 1983, 5 mins
Kind 2013, 1 min
Rat Trap 1986, 12 mins
Gift 2010, 6 mins
Playboy Voodoo 19991, 12 mins
Western Tests 2011, 2 mins
Nymphomania 1994, 9 mins
Instinct: Bitches Side 2007, 13 mins