TRIP Bwide

March 1st, 7pm
@ Brooklyn Fireproof gallery

A digital film by Jon Jost.

Produced, written, directed, photographed, edited by Jon Jost.


Ryan Harper Gray
Stephen Taylor
Greg Tozian
Jerry Carlton
Bibi Walton

77’, Digital Video, 2007.


A returned Iraq war vet, invisible as such, steals a laptop computer in a Portland Oregon coffee house; a gay web-page designer talks with his boss about picking up a young man outside the public library; the vet lounges around the designer’s house, drinking, watching TV; the designer suggests and then vaguely accuses the young man of theft and says he cannot trust him; the vet attacks his host; the vet visits his parents in a traumatic return home; the vet is seen homeless with a girlfriend.

OVER HERE was filmed in Portland Oregon in a complete improvisation. It is not a plot film, but rather a film of tonalities, of suggestions.

$8 for non-members and $6 for members