Port Actif

August 31st, 2013

lecture and screening on 4 Experimental Documentaries from Belgium / NEW

Each filmmaker takes a personal approach towards the subject matter and
documentary as a genre: unusual subjects, breaking the boundaries with
fiction. No voice-over narration but highly stylized visuals and other
inventive methods to generate substance. This selection is part of the
ongoing research by port Actif into`The Reconstruction of Cinema`, how
contemporary cinema defies the standards of Hollywood Narration Methods to
revitalize the meaning of film making.


Address: 346 Houston St., between Ave B and C/ New York

Date: Saturday, August 31, 8:30 PM.



TOKYO GIANTS | Nicolas Provost

SEMALU | Jimmy Hendrickx

THE GILDED CHILD | Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank

QUIES a sneak preview | Ezra Eeman

TOKYO GIANTS – 2013 (22 min) / Nicolas Provost

Nicolas Provost has lived in Belgium and Norway and currently lives in New
York. His work has been presented in main leading art venues and film
festivals. In 2008 his short film ‘Suspension’ received an honorable
mention at the Sundance Film Festivaland his feature film `The Invader’
premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2011.

Artist statement:

“My field of interest is to analyze and question the phenomenon of cinema,
its various elements, its influence and conventional rules. My work is a
reflection on the grammar of cinema and the relation between visual art and
the cinematic experience. That said, it’s all about love.”

In his latest film, Provost cleverly appropriates recordings of the
everyday nightlife in Tokyo and turns the citizens into actors by
suggesting a narrative. By incorporating the classic crime genre’s tension,
all citizens become suspects, provoking an unclear view on the
distinguishing between fact and fiction. Surreptitious music, meaningful
glances, cell phones and sirens create powerful suspense that is never

SEMALU – 2013 (20 min) / Jimmy Hendrickx

Jimmy Hendrickx works and lives in Belgium and Asia. His latest short film
`Semalu’ won the first prize for best experimental film at the Tabor film
festival in Croatia and was first screened at the Berlin Directors lounge
in Germany. Currently he is working on his first feature film.

Artist statement:

“It’s time to give up the differences between, cinema, video and theater
Not only the movie itself should be changed but the complete production
process is in need for a revolution.”

Semalu serves us with a cinematic portrait of children growing up on a
construction site in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Without the use of any
voice over or speech, the photographic images and sound take us on a poetic
journey to humble ourselves to the immediate truth of their situation.

THE GILDED CHILD – 2013 / Frank&Robbert/ Robbert&Frank

Frank&Robbert/ Robbert&Frank is the artistic alter ego of Frank Merkx and
Robbert Goyvaerts. Both live and work in Belgium. They entered the Belgian
art scene in 2008 by winning the first price of “De Kunstbende” and were
selected for the Start Point Prize in Prague in 2012. Their final
MFA-project ‘What about American history’ has been screened at more than 40
venues all over the world.

Artist statement:

“Our world, so full of images, so full of distraction, of illusion, so full
of media, of people, of thought. We can not sit back and let it all wash
over our brains” – Robbert Goyvaerts

“We need to the take the time and the responsibility to look it back right
in the eyes, feel and look longer, stronger. Then try stuff. Make it real,
make it kick back and wriggle, like it never did before.” – Frank Merkx

Their latest film is an experimental abstract narrative about the symbols
of power. They use found images and sound, taken from the cloud of mass
media, juxtaposed with seemingly random images of their own travel logs,
only to distort our suspension of disbelief even more. The audience is left
behind with an uneasy sense of substance in a audiovisual world of few
rules to none.

QUIES – 2013 (20 min) – a sneak preview / Ezra Eeman

Ezra Eeman is now a senior Journalist with the Flemish Media Society,
reporting news from Belgium and abroad. He has traveled all over the globe
to document `the latest` and makes video art and mixed media installations.
His short film `look at me standing here’ won the Jury Award KFF Hamburg,
Germany in 2003. His latest work `Quies` is also a performance piece /
installation supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and was shown at
the Beursschouwburg, Belgium for 6 weeks in January 2013

Quies deals with the journeys of sound artist Peter Lenaerts who has been
obsessed with empty spaces for years. Last year he travelled along the
Oodnadatta Track in Australia’s arid and desolate center in pursuit of the
emptiness and nothingness he’d experienced there the year before. Filmmaker
Ezra Eeman travelled along and captured Peter’s struggles with wind, and
flies, and his ultimate failure at recording silence. For silence can not
be recorded, or can it? And if it could, it can not be replayed. Or can it?



PORT ACTIF is a Belgium based video art network that interacts with
different art organizations worldwide by producing lectures, screenings and
shows. One of the main goals of PORT ACTIF is to raise an international
discourse on how contemporary cinema defies the standards of Hollywood
Narration Methods to revitalize the meaning of film making. LA based film
maker and Port Actif director Kristian Van der Heyden will talk about new
flows and approaches within documentary-making. To illustrate the discourse
PORT ACTIF selected four exemplary documentaries that are pushing the
boundaries of fiction, reality and video art.

FACEBOOK PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/events/163886893802566/

PORT ACTIF: http://www.portactif.com/

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