August 18th, 2013
Suggested Donation / $8

Come celebrate our new home with a special multi-projection performance by Optipus!

“ ‘Nomadic chameleons’? Sounds like some jingle-jangle for shape-shifting jitterbug lizards…”
Optipus is a nomadic group of chameleon artists, cine-scientists in search of a semi-permanent laboratory, shape-shifting according to site-specific requirements. The group embraces the ephemeral cinema of unfixed forms and open composition. It is a magnetic field, derived from the psychic urge to build, via collective energy and desire, that also contains its opposite, the destructive impulse, seen in its wild sway towards the dangers of pure experimentation, obsolete media, and an attraction to aesthetic decay, technological destruction and failure.



Optipus : “a multi-tentacled optical beast”, related to the science of optics, a chemystery deploying light sensitive devices, and mirroring a philosophy of resistance analogous to analog consciousness, this incarnation will enjoy a spectrum of players: Bradley Eros, Lary Seven, Sarah Halpern, Tim Geraghty, Rachelle Rahme & Kenny Curwood, perhaps?

O will perform live ‘tag-team’ expanded cinema & sound.

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