Jay Hudson Films and Percussion

After forty-seven years in the East Village, the Millennium is moving to Brooklyn! For the final event, Jay Hudson will present a selection of his films, some of which he will accompany on percussion.

The majority of his films are created by a process that is almost like weaving. Different shots of varying textures are combined in the editing process in a way that mostly disallows the viewer from fully contemplating the individual shot when it present itself. Through repetition, a viewer might pick out more information, but the perception is different when one does not have the time to linger.

Tentatively scheduled are:

Until I Run out of Tape Splices or Time (the gimp cut): A collage film, taken from a film about folk dancing and another about Africa, which was ripped apart in the reshuffling of the Millennium’s space. It will be partially repaired, though not in the way that it was originally intended. A half-assed film that some people seem to like. (16mm, 7m)

This will be accompanied with a solo conga performance.

Piața Regina Maria: Shot in Bucharest, Romania. A rhythmic exploration of a single intersection in the south of the city. (Super 8, 14m)

S-21: A meditation on photographs of prisoners that guards took at the notorious S-21 prison that was active in Phenom Penh, Cambodia during the rule of the Khmer Rouge. Out of an estimated 12,000 prisoners held in the facility, only seven people are known to survive. (Super 8, 3m)

Exposure #1, #2, #3, #5: A medley of pieces from the Exposure Series, an on and off series of films that explore the relationship of the lens to the exposure of the stock. The first three were shot without a lens at all, creating a simple play on light. The fifth film starts adding the lens, but only tentatively. (super 8, 20m)

This will be accompanied by a solo percussion performance.