A Walk Through Wooda and Other Tales


This selection of short films, animations and music videos by Chiara Ambrosio weave together a journey through interior landscapes of the imagination. They are short visual poems (or prayers) that attempt to translate the intricate and erratic language and logic of dreams into moving images and narratives that rely on music and sound to engage with the emotional, irrational and subliminal side of the mind, deeply rooted in the surreal, absurdist world of Czech and Eastern European animation and literature.

This body of work is informed by a personal interest in anthropology and more specifically in the symbolic quality and ritualistic relevance of objects and images; film becomes a tool through which to explore the ability to unlock the crepuscular chambers of memory and to conjure back into existence all that is ephemeral and transitory about our everyday life.


A Walk Through Wooda is a four part film-and-song-cycle that uses myth-making as a language to explore the dramatic setting of Wooda Farm, nestled in a wooded valley a short walk away from the wild coast of North Cornwall.

The films were conceived during a series of ritualistic daily walks as a process-based inquiry into the relationship between people, place and memory, engaging with time as physical matter through a careful and protracted period of observation through an animator’s eye, keen on allowing for minute transformations to occur and unlock all kind of quiet epiphanies. The films attempt to uncover at once the layers of historical sediment that have accumulated in space through time, and to reap new myths through a personal interpretation and direct encounter with place and narrative.

The films are accompanied by a luminous, live soundtrack by Bird Radio.

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