The Millennium Goes POP!

Movie stars, pop idols, iconic spaces and cultural pastimes take center stage at Millennium Film Workshop on August 10th. Take a rollicking romp through the imaginations, dreams and fantasies of our ensemble of filmmakers.

Ride in a gondola to Hollywood, Bollywood, and the by-gone eras of cinema. Get loopy and fall in l’amour with cult icons Kristy McNichol, Anthony Perkins, and… Olive Oyl (?) Explore the Wonderful World of POP with Kelly Spivey, Marie Losier, Bradley Eros, Stephanie Wuertz, Josh Lewis, Tim Geraghty, David Horowitz, Stephanie Gray, Todd Daniel, A. Glenn, Sarah Halpern, Marie Gomez, and Rachael Guma.

Musical Interludes by DJ Kino & Mademoiselle Miller

Why You Were Born (Kelly Spivey, Super 8mm, 16 min, 2001)
Kristy (Stephanie Gray, hand processed super 8 b/w, 7 min, sound on CD, 2003)
Slap the Gondola! (Marie Losier, 16mm, 15min, color, screened on video, Nov 2010)
Hula Loop (Rachael Guma, Super 8mm, 3min. live sound, 2012)
Eros c’est Lamour (Bradley Eros and Tim Geraghty, DVD, 8 minutes, sound, 2008)
In my dreams (Stephanie Weurtz, 3min11sec, super-8 transfer, 2011)
Bollywood Rockers on Acid (David Horowitz)
Skyscraper Modern (Todd Daniel)

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