Benefit for the Millennium – Ken Jacob’s Nervous Magic Lantern

A lightweight propeller steadily turns, interrupting a single beam of light passing through a lens and making The Nervous Magic Lantern nervous. Things placed in the path of light result in an illusion onscreen of things moving in every possible direction and yet never moving at all, except by the hand of the projectionist.

My home-made cine-projector is down to the bone. A lightweight frame supports a styrofoam roof and walls. The small enclosure contains a small theater-lamp and empty space. One might hear a whisper-fan whispering.

Silent cinema was never this silent. This is hands-on projection with projectionist as main moving part. Objects are manipulated within this essence of a machine while, onscreen, we see a vast 3D churning and morphing that could have been made to happen before the invention of film and film-transport devices. And perhaps they were, but minds were not ready for the results.

TIME SQUARED will be preceded by a screening of THE GREEN WAVE.

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