On each night of this ongoing series, Counter Balance presents a live performance followed by a film. Pairings may be based on narrative themes, aesthetics, techniques or simply on the performer’s taste.Please join us for the first program of the series:

Andrew Lafkas, where all Motion are one. aprox 60 min
featuring: Karen Waltuch viola, Adam Diller bass clarinet , Andrew Lafkas doublebass, Leif Sundstrom percussion, Barry Weisblat radio.

A new piece written expressly for this event. where all Motion are one is structured in two parts, each part with two subsections. The subsections in the first part occur sequentially, while the subsections in the second part can occur simultaneously. “It is because of (my fellow performers) that this piece is possible. The material was conceived with them, as much as their instruments in mind.” -AL

followed by
Jean-Marie Straub‘s The Bridegroom, the Comedienne and the Pimp. 1968. 16mm print. 23min.

“An expressionist theater piece by Ferdinand Bruckner is enclosed by two ‘real life’ sequences in this didactic experiment, which examines the logic of fiction, and the question of realism in the cinema. The main scenic elements in Straub’s three-part work show Munich street hustling, a wedding benediction, and an epilogue in which three poems of St. John of the Cross are read and a pimp (played by Fassbinder) gets killed.”

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