The Early BFLO + Metal + Queeah Filmz

Yes, all three. Not all at the same time tho, but maybe. Expect demolitions, teenage angst, metal samples, Kristy McNichol, Joan of Arc and Laverne and Shirley. And no, not in one film. With Gray recently showing NYC films of late, the prospect of summer lured a reason to show some of these not-very-often screened films as we kick off the season. As NYC continues to become “luxurified” we take a look at other cities, like Buffalo, where Gray used to live, that — lest we forget, exist outside of NYC. As does serious heavy metal. And as does reflection on working class female heroines. So we take a break from the present to revisit the past – of course to give, hopefully, some meaning to the present. All films projected on Super 8 with live reading or recorded sounds.

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