Five Films – Gregg Biermann

Paradiso – video, 20 minutes, stereo, 2003, Libretto by Sarah Markgraf62 min

Paradiso is the final section of my three-part Material Excess (2002-03). Material Excess is a large-scale animated movie, which borrows its structure from Dante’s The Divine Comedy. Along with Paradiso it also includes Inferno (25 min) and Purgatorio (25 min). These pieces have been screened both separately and together. The animation is for the most part created in a digital process related to the cameraless hand-made film tradition. In a photo-editing program, scans of various objects are placed on a digital image strip without regard for individual frames. These images are translated into video sequences and the result is an exploding jumble of colors and forms. By its very nature, the animation cannot directly illustrate the various bits of narration that appear in the soundtrack. The two things simply happen simultaneously.

Crop Duster Octet – HD video, 5 minutes, stereo, 2011

“Hitchcock’s North by Northwest is deconstructed and reassembled to illuminate the patterns, rhythms and choreography of the original so as to break through and make for a eight banded kinetic tour de force. As the piece progresses the temporal displacement of each band gets closer and closer until they all unite into a remarkable grand finale.”
– John Columbus, Black Maria Film Festival

Cinema Study – HD video, 5 minutes, sound, 2003
A reworking of images and sounds taken from Orson Welles landmark film “Citizen Kane”. The piece breaks the frame into multiple smaller rectangles, each with short video and audio samples from the original film. Part of the activity of the viewer seems to be the activity of keeping track of the images, which pop around the screen, and how they relate to the sounds. All of the sounds in the piece are in a precise synchronous relationship with the images on the screen. The original narrative film breaks down almost completely.

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