Stand Up Movie Professor – John Matturi

John Matturri is a photographer who teaches in both the Philosophy and Film Studies programs of Queens College. In this illustrated talk, our second in the Standup Movie Professor Series, he will discuss how cities are perceived and depicted, speaking from the perspective of a maker of images of cities and as someone with a strong interest in the philosophical nature and historical use of images.

A particular focus of the talk will be the peculiar case of Venice, a city whose most prominent function has become one of being seen and photographed. Included will be Optical Proof, a slide piece based on six months of observing and photographing Venice. “Ideas are there, images are there; words and relation of ideas are coming together as always, slowly, painfully. A bunch of balls in the air; don’t be surprised if one or two drop. Cinema is an underlying backdrop, relating specifically to slide shows and montages of still images, but more interestingly to the very process of walking down the street with eyes open, camera in hand or not. Seeing as an activity of the moving, exploring body plays an important role at the start, what in the trade is called embodied or situated cognition. (Although I interlope into Film Studies, mainly I profess philosophy.)” –– JM

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