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Participants of the 2013/14 LUX Critical Forum present a selection of new works. LUX13 consists of 15 artists who came together in May 2013 as part of Critical Forum London 2013-14: a discussion group initiated by LUX offering a monthly meeting space for one year to artists working with the moving-image, who are no longer in education. Each meeting consisted of two members presenting an aspect of their practice. This has included discussing work-in-progress, sharing texts, considering broader theoretical ideas, and viewing works from the LUX archive. Continuing the group’s process of discursive exchange, each artist has made a work that is no longer than three minutes in response to a word or phrase provided by another member of the group.

Katriona Beales/See Yourself from one Angle at a Time |
Giles Bunch/”We all live, as far as we know, in the present, and the present in Napal, Tokyo or on Mars can sometimes seem nearer than yesterday morning in one’s kitchen” |
Jackie Castellano/Sandwich
Sarah Filmer/Isolation in the Workplace
Katherine Fishman/Trolls
Patrick Goddard/Short Cuts
Liz Helman/Light
Christopher Matthews /Precari
Katherine Meynell/Kissing
Kim Pace/To Wander
Sam Playford-Greenwell/Racket
Annelore Schneider/A Meaningful Space
Vanessa Scully/Akeru
Nicola Stephanie/The universe next door
Neasa Terry/Reflect Yourself

Katriona Beales creates sculpture, moving image and installation, responding to information excess, overload, and personal experiences of the technological sublime. www.katrionabeales.com

Giles Bunch is a performance and video artist whose work
focuses on the ways in which people engage with their cultural
landscape. gilesbunch.com

Jackie Castellano A rigorous attention to material qualities, engages in close
scrutiny and analytical consideration of medium specificity, lenses,
light, objects, duration and motion. www.jackiecastellano.com

Sarah Filmer Collecting moments, finding out how we are. sarahfilmer.com

Katherine Fishman is currently investigating methods of
navigating spaces where social interactions and physical activities
take place, working in video, photography, installation and

Patrick Goddard Dealing with issues as diverse as urban regeneration, identity
politics and anarcho-individualism, my work primarily takes the form
of videos, publications and performance. www.patrickgoddard.co.uk

Liz Helman’s experimental time-based media works explore
the psychological and emotional attachment to place and dwelling, journeying between recollection and reality. lizhelmanworks.com

Christopher Matthews I work with movement to produce alternative material that is a
conversation, video art, writings or documents centered around topics
of working conditions, body politics, or the act of looking. www.formedview.com

Katherine Meynell I am interested in the personal and the political, humour,
feminist strategies and subjectivities in a lived world. katharinemeynell.co.uk

Kim Pace I make work that investigates myriad cultural representations
of the human, focusing on the idea of ‘otherness’ and questioning the
perspective of difference. www.kimpace.co.uk

Samuel Playford is an artist & curator using video,
performance & writing to explore, variously, linguistic slippages of
sound & sense, collaborative conflict, and the biological-economiccultural
field of the banana. samplayfordgreenwell.wordpress.com gilesbunch.com

collectif_fact, Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet The collectif_fa ct comprised Annelore Schneider and Claude
Piguet, their projects, mainly video, are often a deconstruction of what
we see as cinematic codes within our visual culture. www.collectif-fact.ch

Vanessa Scully is a video artist who utilises amateur film
making techniques to transgress social norms and increase social
capital through the reliving/remaking of horror b-movies. drillerkillere2.blogspot.co.uk

Nicola Stephanie is a British artist currently living in New York City. Her work, in time based media, drawing, performance and object making, focuses on the relationships between experience, representation and the image. www.nicolastephanie.com

Neasa Terry works in various media, usually using pop music
to examine the various strategies used in a performance. www.neasaterry.com

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Dangerous Times Web

Tonight 8:00pm at Le Petit Versailles Garden


Please join us for DANGEROUS TIMES, a unique collection of personal cinema that uses horror and humor to create a conversation about our society’s deepest fears. FEATURING:

• A DANGEROUS CURE, the first feature length film by Kevin Jarvis This hybrid-horror film brilliantly uses found footage, interviews, and various story genres to create a compelling, and highly original work. Trailer.

• HOLY BLOOD by Brian Getnick and Noe Kidder is a 30 minute film that imagines the rise of totalitarianism in a small town in Upstate New York. Trailer

• PHANTASMAGORIA, a one-of-a-kind video installation of by Seruni Bodjawati & Wara Anindyah, Indonesian artists and filmmakers.

Le Petit Versailles Community Garden, 346 East Houston & Avenue C. Suggested donation $5

Sponsored by Allied Productions, Millennium Film Workshop, NYSCA & NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Materials for the Arts, Project Greenthumb